Project Introduction

When dream lightens reality, we can better this world

From the perspective of IoT structural evolution, Int is the first bottom up new-generation blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform

INT provides a token-incentive on TCP/IP base architecture for IoT which is designed in decentralized way to support the entire new IoT ecosystem.

This new business model, molded by IoT devices, has open up a whole new market.

Project Highlights

  • The first public chain developed by use-case driven pricinple

  • Industry-leading IoT multi-chain architecture model

  • The IoT application platform best suited for use cases

  • Public blockchain driven by token economic

IoT application and industrial ecology of INT


Yin Xiangyu

Head of INT China

A domestic IoT research and development practitioner in the...


Xiang Ruofei

Chief Scientist of INTchain

Dr. Xiang holds the degree of post-doctoral research at CAS...


Chen Guanghui

Chief development engineer of INT Dapp

Graduated from Fudan as a major...


Wang Hongwei

Master of Sichuan University

10 years of technology research in the field of IOT...


Michael Zhang

Master of business administration from National University of Singapor

Undergraduate of Fudan University...


Advisor and Investment Team

Kong Huawei

Director of Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology, CAS; Chief Scientist for Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Venture

Tan Lei

Celebrated blockchain and big data expert, North American Blockchain Association co-founder, 13 years of Microsoft experience

Wang Dou

Founder of Geek Capital, Co-founder of LinkVC, blockchain robot inventor,blockchain robot inventor, Technical Geek

Roy Li

Celebrated security and IoT expert.

Ramble: Chairman of the North American blockchain Association, architect for the Guiyang blockchain financial Supervision Sandbox, Chairman of Guiyang blockchain financial incubator, founder of GooCoin and SwftCoin

Liu Jinhua:CPA, CTA, Co-partner of Shandong Shixin certified public accounting firm, An accountant and tax consultant for several listed companies, Former Shandong state tax official

Zhao Yafu:Director of risk management in Guangdong Zhuo Tai Ci Capital Ltd.

Huang Zhiyi:Co-founder of Sino-US Venture Capital

Zhou You:Director of Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co Ltd, Chairman of Fuyun Technology

Liang Junzhang: Co-founder of Kinzon Capital

Lin Shirong:Founder of Enhou Investment

Li Jiaxuan:Co-founder of Future Fund

Zhen Zhiping:Founder of

Luo Wen:Chairman of iwali Technology



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INT is operating by INT Foundation Ltd., Singapore(INT Foundation Ltd.)