The fast and secure INT Public Chain has officially launched

INT E-surfing Blockchain Router, INT Chain's first product use case, is officially released

INT Chain is use case driven and firmly guided by real world application scenarios

Decentralization, unifying global community consensus

What is INT’s Global Ambassador Program

The INT Global Ambassador Program is designed to promote the real-world application of INT Chain. Ambassadors are encouraged to use INT Chain as their core technology to provide blockchain technology solutions (including Internet of Things, supply chain, traceability, public welfare and other fields), whether from a theoretical, real application, DAPP or other perspective.

Support provided by INT

Secure and high-performance public chain
Rich API interface
Provide powerful blockchain technical support
Provide ongoing assistance for product design and improvement
Provide a full range of blockchain project/product operation guidance
Provide a large community of user resources

Ambassador's rights

Million fund support
10 million RMB + extra tokens
Exclusive ambassador honor
Certification + INT official website
Profit sharing
up to 20%-70% dividends
Enjoy various privileges
including direct contact with INT’s executive team

Ambassador duties

Provide Solution
Customer Acquisition
Application promotion

Recruitment conditions and targets

The Foundation is global and encourages all applicants to apply to the INT Global Ambassador Program. Applicants in the field of Internet of Things, the blockchain industry, and individuals or organizations interested in INT Chain, will be given priority:

  •    Applicants should have a technical background related to blockchain / Internet of things and a comprehensive and objective understanding of INT Chain ecology and blockchain in general;
  •    Applicants should have national / local industry customer resources in the fields of Internet of things, supply chain, traceability, public welfare and other related areas;
  •    IoT industry personnel, IT enterprise personnel, blockchain practitioners, third-party service providers, college teachers and students, blockchain enthusiasts.

Registration method

Fill in the registration information below :

Name + Contact Email + Contact Phone + Nationality + Career + Personal Introduction + Expertise + Resources, and email to:

Become an ambassador

Submit an application
Community referendum
Become an ambassador
Issue authorization

Project operation

The ambassador initiates the project requirements (including funding and program description)
Project requirements pass Foundation review
Project requirements pass Community referendum
Project Execution
Upload progress
End project
Fee Settlement

Cooperative institution