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Esurfing Blockchain Router

INT’s First Use Case Product

Home Networking Device | Private and Encrypted Storage | Mining

Intelligence in a compact package - the genuine smart router
Supports PPPOE, dynamic IP, and static IP toaccess broadband.
Supports TCP/IP, PPPOE, DHCP, ICMP, NAT and other protocols.
Built-in firewall supporting IP addresses, MAC addresses, domain address filtering, flexibly control Internet access rights and time.
Supporting Upnp, static routing.
Supporting standard functions of mainstream smart routers.
Safe and efficient network storage - home NAS (Network Attached Storage) backup with one-click
Safe and reliable resource sharing through the INT router - profitable blockchain smart gateway
Users share their network bandwidth, storage space and other resources through the router to earn tokens. The router provides CDN, edge storage, and edge computing. The incentive tokens generated in the shared network ecosystem are used to measure, register, and prove the provision and consumption of sharing resources. The profit is settled daily based on hardware performance of the device, size of the upstream bandwidth, size of the shared storage, and online duration.
Hardware Configurations

Users can also access external U disk or hard disk to realize the use of home NAS and idle resource sharing.

MT7621AT dual core 880MHz
DDR3 512MB
300M of 2.4G/867M of 5.8G
Wireless speed
TF card
Internet Node Token

INT is operated by INT Foundation Ltd., Singapore(INT Foundation Ltd.)