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From the perspective of IoT structural evolution, Int is the first bottom up new-generation blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform
INT provides a token-incentive on TCP/IP base architecture for IoT which is designed in decentralized way to support the entire new IoT ecosystem. This new business model, molded by IoT devices, has open up a whole new market.
The first public chain developed by use-case driven pricinple

Use case driven is the core principle of the INT chain development. All functions should have corresponding use case requirements. The verification of the practical application scenario guides the design and evolution of INT chain architecture.

Industry-leading IoT multi-chain architecture model

INT chain integrates and utilizes Software Defined Resources (SDN) technology, fog computing, and blockchain technology to create a flexible, efficient, secure, and scalable distributed cloud architecture. This architecture optimizes computing resources, mitigate data congestion, and solve the problem of devices response delay and power consumption.

The IoT application platform best suited for use cases
INT chain is designed as a general public chain framework. The development direction of the business usable module actively adapts to scenarios. It can relay different IoT, effective circulation of resources, lower the IoT thresholds drastically, shortens the development cycle, and reduces the risk of IoT application development.
Public blockchain driven by token economic

INT pushes the implementation of Software Defined Resources (SDN) technology through blockchain technology and effective token-incentive. Meanwhile, the economic driven model guides devices to exchange resources based on security and cross-chain trust. New value IoT ecosystem will form as a result.

Technical Advantage

Parallel multi-chain architecture distributed network

INT chain’s scalable heterogeneous multi-chain architecture has high proformance data processing capabilities, which enables BoT to evolve to be a value-based IoT infrastructure similar to the TCP/IP protocol, significantly reducing the difficulty of application development.

Improved and validated consensus algorithm

INT chain is dBFT/DPoS algorithm. It has practically created a new "Double Chain" architecture, which has improved the throughput, stability, and elasticity of the public chain, drastically reduced the requirement of performance of IoT devices, and enhance system availability.

The solution to Public Chain Traceability Problems

The INT chain develops a data verification tool for the smart agreement or smart contract module. This verification tool provides reliable and fake proof execution source data for INT smart contracts both in software and hardware layers, solves the current problem of traceability.

Relay chain protocol enables operation of cross-chain

With the protocols of cross-chain asset swap and distributed cross-chain transaction. The feature of INT relay chain makes cross-chain smart contracts possible. As a result, a single smart agreement or smart contract on INT chain can do the asset swap and effective circulation of resources on multiple blockchain.

IoT application and industrial ecology of INT

Smart Grid

All-round evolution to new power generation

Smart Logistics

Fastest and most satisfied

Smart Healthcare

Your private doctor

Smart Environmental Protection

A purified earth

Smart Agriculture

Benefit hundreds of millions of farmers worldwide

Smart Transportation

Secure and free from worry, reached in one step

Smart Billboard

Make all billboards vivid

Smart Home

Have an advanced Future life

Military Application

Wish our country more powerful

Smart Security

Guarantee your security

Internet Node Token

INT is operating by INT Foundation Ltd., Singapore(INT Foundation Ltd.)