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As a new generation IoT blockchain, interaction standard and basic application platform, INT is dedicated to promoting technology improvement and evolution.

In order to better understand the progress of the project, you are welcome to visit the following official channels to obtain updated INT project information as it is released, and communicate with other global technology enthusiasts to build a genuine IoT ecosystem.

Technical Exchange and Support
If you would like to know more about the technical details, get more information or in-depth technical interpretation articles, or express your technical ideas and suggestions, please visit the INT Global Developer Community (http:/ / to discuss with INT technology enthusiasts from all over the world about how to build a genuine IoT ecosystem.
For technical assistance related to INT Web Wallet and INT Blockchain Explorer, you can download the application and instructions on the relevant page. You can also contact our customer service staff on INT's official channels.
Business Cooperation
INT utilizes a new type of multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration technology based on a "gradual application" model. This is to ensure that the results of its research and development are translated into real world application with the highest standard of technical input. We welcome innovative teams, industry companies, social organizations and individuals on the frontiers of all disciplines around the world to contact us, to conduct extensive communication and cooperation in technology and business fields, create new business models and open up new markets.
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Apply to join INT and use your talent to create a better future. Please provide your personal information, technical expertise and understanding or ideas about our project and an INT Recruiter will be in contact with you.
Technical Manager
Job Description:
Master the advanced information of the latest market and technology in the blockchain and support the formulation of the company's strategy;
Responsible for the company's overall technical strategy and leading the team to plan the technical direction of the field based on the company's business strategy; to integrate and innovate technical solutions to ensure that the company's platform products and solutions are forward-looking and leading in the industry technology;
Build the underlying architecture of the blockchain to implement the public chain, the alliance chain, the private chain and various logics, as a supply to be used until the cloud service output is provided;
Lead the technical team to design the technical and functional architecture of the company's blockchain platform, lead the relevant technical review and core code development, ensure the technical practicality and feasibility of the overall system architecture; and be responsible for the system security and stability.
Master's degree or above in full-time computer and other related majors in famous universities in China and abroad; those with overseas education background and work experience are preferred;
More than 10 years working experience in Internet technology, and more than 3 years’ experience in R&D work of blockchain technology. Those with more than 20 R&D team management experience are preferred;
Have a passion for entrepreneurship and good oral and written communication skills in both Chinese and English;
Proficiency in the principle mechanism and related technologies of the blockchain, proficient in distributed systems, and in-depth understanding of various data structures, cryptography, and security protocols;
Familiar with the development direction of blockchain, with keen insight and meticulous logic thinking ability, able to grasp the development trend of technology and have unique insights;
Strong leadership and organizational coordination, decision making, communication, execution and teamwork;
Integrity, high sense of responsibility, proactive work, good management and training of the development team, can bear the pressure of work.
IoT Architect
Job Description:
As a product software architect for the IoT connection management platform, responsible for architecture design, module design, architecture code writing and care;
Responsible for researching the latest software technology in the industry, and doing research on the applications, caring for the core technology of the product, and solving the key problems encountered in the project development process.
More than 5 years of Java development work experience, 2 years of system analysis and architecture design experience, more than 1 year of team management experience;
Proficient in Java development, familiar with the Spring framework, master the J2EE architecture;
Proficient in tomcat, apache, JAVA multi-thread development, TCP / IP communication program development;
Experience of coordination, communication and project management;
It is preferred to master the design pattern, with rich experience in system design and reconstruction;
It is preferred to master the industry's popular technology, have medium and large platform software design experience;
It is preferred to have IoT work experience.
Product Manager
Job Description:
Responsible for pre-sale work of software projects, including product communication, demand collection, application solution writing, etc.
Responsible for explaining business needs and processes to development and test teams;
Responsible for the software planning, demand research and software design of product, whole management of tracking product development, promotion and upgrade;
Familiar with IoT architecture, understand IoT mainstream technology, and have experience in IoT/logistics/industry informatization software related projects or products;
Familiar with front-end (mobile, web) and back-end (server, database) software technologies, understand the implementation process of basic software development tools and software products;
Ability of market industry analysis and providing software product and technology improvement plans, including demand analysis, functional design, business process design, interface design and user interaction testing;
Excellent communication, integration ability, strong execution;
It is preferred to have more than 3 years of product work experience or graduate from communication engineering, electronic information, computer related majors.
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