Bi-Weekly Report Updated (10.08-10.19)
2018-10-19 17:13
Bi-Weekly Report Updated(10.08-10.19): R&D progress, Q&A collection, business cooperation, activities operations, community update.

I. R&D Progress

Current Progress

[ Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain]
1. After all the standard functions related to the INT token were developed, the R&D team immediately followed up and completed the first round of token related testing, during which the technical members found and fixed several bugs about information flow distribution. The second round of testing will begin next week; (75%)
2. In late September, we successfully implemented new work on several rpc interfaces in the main chain and started related tests on interface performance. At present, the optimization of rpc interface and the return of parameters are gradually being carried out. Considering the test requirements for data security, we will extend the development appropriately; (30%)
3. With regard to the fork issue and performance of the main chain in extreme cases, the R&D team continued to repair and debug the relevant codes repeatedly. At present, the overall improvement is almost complete. Afterwards, we will continue to conduct more intense pressure testing; (70%)
4. The improvement of UI interface is one of the most critical development of the full-node wallet, and its importance is no less than the previous program development. At present, the overall adjustment of the wallet interface has come to an end, and then the special technical team will carry out the second round of testing; (80%)
5. The destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces are moving forward. During the National Day, the R&D team continued the testing and found some new bugs. The current solution has been verified theoretically, and next the team will continue to fix the bugs; (50%)
6. Considering the future business of the main chain, the R&D team is optimizing some logical issues related to block size and tx size; (80%)
7. The security of INT chain has always been the core of the R&D, not only lying in the technical architecture, but also in the future main chain operation and commercial application. Therefore, a security audit of INT chain is imperative, and the preliminary work has been carried out; (10%)
8. The R&D team continues to solve the problems found in the stress test related to the main chain business part. (90%)

[INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement]
1. The R&D team will conduct the final round of testing on the full-node wallet.
2. The upgrading of the new blockchain explorer ( has been carried out smoothly, the number of bugs is reduced, and the performance is improved compared with the old version. The R&D team has entered the second phase of testing and will continue the improvement.

Next step plan
1. Carry out the second round of testing on token related testing.
2. Continue to improvement the rpc interface and the return of parameters.
3. Continue to conduct a more intense pressure testing about the performance of the main chain.
4. Continue the testing on the full-node wallet.
5. Continue the destructive testing and business testing on all RPC interfaces, and solve the possible bugs.
6. Continue to optimize the logical issues related to block size and tx size.
7. Continue the work related to the security audit of INT chain.
8. Continue to solve the problems found in the stress testing.
9. Continue the final round of testing on wallet.
10. Continue the second round of testing on the new explorer ( and fix bugs.

Previous technical progress tracking
1. The testing related to transaction pool in the case of high frequency transmission is successfully complete and the current program of transaction pool runs stably. In the follow-up, we will continue to observe the operation of the program.; (85%)
2. The INT smart contract testing has been completed, and the R&D team has discovered and solved all the bugs by simulating different trading stress environments. Before the INT mainnet launch, we may conduct the testing of INT smart contract in the process of technical adjustment. (100%)
3. The development of the functions related to the middleware intjs has been completed. At present, the technical team is drawing up relevant test plans and schedules. Testing will be conducted in succession.

II. Business Cooperation

Current Progress

[The development of Telecom smart gateway APP is completed]

After completing the sampling of the router and starting the stability testing, the development and testing work of the corresponding APP is in progress. The guide page of the APP and LOGO has been completed, and the demonstration of the APP interface has been conducted at the same time. Now the team is fixing bugs. In addition, the application for software copyrights is also in progress.

[Signed the contract with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang]

After INT finalized the cooperation plan on construction of smart information management system with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang, the two parties reached an agreement after further negotiation on the project cooperation details, and finally finalized the contents of the contract. Currently both parties signed the contract.

[Bid for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

INT was invited to participate in the bidding of a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang. At present, a series of technical solutions for the bidding have all been completed, and the bidding document has been submitted. In the document, INT gave a detailed explanation of the application and achievable effects of the IoT technology in the campus classroom electronic control system.

Next step plan

[Continuous research and development of the smart gateway project]

INT and Telecom will continue to develop and improve the function and execution page of the APP, complete the bug detection and fixing work on all functions and move forward on the product qualification and application of software copyright.

[Leaders of Hubei Industrial Construction Group inspected the smart town]

After the final acceptance of the pilot project of INT Smart Site by the leaders and technical experts of Hubei Industrial Construction Group in mid-September, the INT team has been communicating with the engineering group of HICC to achieve better operation and maintenance of the project. Recently, the leaders of HICC headquarters planned to inspect the smart town at the end of this month.

[Continue the cooperation with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang]

INT and a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang finalized the cooperation plan for the construction of a smart information management system. After the signing of the contract, the INT technical team will have an in-depth communication with the party on the technical implementation rules.

[Continue the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

In the next step, the two parties will conduct an in-depth discussion on the application of the IoT technology in the campus classroom electronic control system to confirm feasible solutions.

III. Activities and Operations

Current Progress

[INT technical team attended the “Thunder Chain Technology Salon”]

On October 13th, the INT technical team was invited to attend the “Thunder Chain Technology Salon” held in Hangzhou Shiliupu Coffee shop, which was organized by the Thunder Group, the Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Federation and the GeekHub community for discussing blockchain core technology. The Salon gathered senior technical development leaders from Thunder Chain, domestic top university experts, blockchain application developers as well as technical experts, discussing blockchain multi-chain framework, application direction and technology selection strategy, and future blockchain technology development trends. During the event, the INT technical team conducted a discussion on the R&D of the INT project with the technical experts and enthusiasts on the scene.

[Gaia design competition publicity]

The Gaia design competition was successfully concluded. Thanks fans for the active involvement and enthusiastic support. We received a total of 70 designs from around the world. After voting from the INT community and the review of INT team, we have selected ten winning entries.

Next, the customer service staff will contact the winners to grant the awards and INT will produce the first batch of products. Thanks again to all the fans and supporters who have paid attention to and supported this event. We also welcome everyone to participate more actively in the construction of the INT technological ecosystem.

[Gaia article competition selection and publicity]

INT Gaia Article Competition submission ended on the 10th of this month. We have received a total of more than 50 articles from global technology enthusiasts, which elaborate the INT project from the perspectives of technical principles, industrial ecology, and commercial applications. Some of the outstanding works will be published in the INT developer community website ( and INT official social media. At the end of this month, we will publicize the final winning entries.


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