Bi-Weekly Report Updated (10.22-11.02)
2018-11-02 17:41
Bi-Weekly Report Updated(10.22-11.02): R&D progress, Q&A collection, business cooperation, activities operations, community update.

I. R&D Progress

Current Progress

[Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain]

  1. 1. After the first round of mainnet testing related to token business, the R&D team has discovered and solved several bugs in the distribution of information. At the same time, in order to launch the mainnet as scheduled, the team is stepping up preparations for related work of launching the testnet V3.0. (40%)
  2. 2. The test on interface performance of rpc in the main chain is progressing. At present, INT is focusing on the optimization of rpc interface and the return of parameters and corresponding related functions of the middleware intjs. (70%)
  3. 3. The overall improvement of the main chain performance has been initially completed. Due to safety and load bearing capacity, especially in extreme cases, the R&D team will continue the improvement of INT Chain performance and the stress testing.(75%)
  4. 4. The development of the full-node wallet including the improvement of UI interface has been completed. The first-round wallet performance and interface testing has come to an end. At present, the second round of testing has been conducted. Fixing of bugs is moving forward.(85%)
  5. 5. Concerning the destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces, the technical members found a number of bugs and are solving the problem.(65%)
  6. 6. Regarding the future operation capability of the main chain, the R&D team has been continuously conducting validation and analysis. The team is solving the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain.(50%)
  7. 7. In order to ensure the safety of the main chain on the technical architecture level and future commercial application, the team has already started the planning for the main chain security audit.(30%)
  8. 8. The main chain business layer testing and fixing is still in progress. In the past two weeks, the R&D team has found and solved some business bugs, and will continue to solve problems found in the stress testing.(95%)

[INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement]

  1. 1. The R&D team conducted a final round of comprehensive testing on the INT full-node wallet, and the bugs found so far have been basically fixed.
  2. 2. The second round of testing after the upgrade of the new blockchain explorer ( is almost complete. During the period, the R&D team found and solved some bugs. The final round of testing will be carried out next week, as well as the modification and optimization work.

Next step plan

  1. 1. Continue preparation work related to the launch of test net V3.0.
  2. 2. Continue to optimize the implementation form and parameter return of the rpc interface, and improve the corresponding intjs related functions.
  3. 3. Continue to improve the performance of the main chain, and carry out more intense stress tests.
  4. 4. Continue the second round of testing of the full-node wallet and fix bugs.
  5. 5. Continue to conduct destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces and fix bugs.
  6. 6. Continue to optimize the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain.
  7. 7. Continue the related work on the main chain security audit.
  8. 8. Continue to solve problems found in stress testing.
  9. 9. Carry out the final round of testing for the new blockchain explorer (

Previous technical progress tracking

  1. 1. The optimization of some logical issues related to block size and tx size has been completed. The technical staff responsible for the work are now focusing on the main chain testing.
  2. 2. The R&D team has completed the second round of testing related to the token business.

II. Business Cooperation

Current Progress

[Start sales work on INT Esurfing Blockchain Router developed with Zhejiang Telecom]

In October, the smart gateway project on INT and Zhejiang Telecom has been substantially promoted, and many tasks have been completed. After all the functions of the APP are developed, the first round of operation testing has been passed. The second round of testing of the IOS version has started, and the relevant documents such as the product manual and product technology introduction have also been drafted. The operation team has also completed the first round of media and community advertising, and is working on a collaborative model with other regional operator channels.

[Leaders from Hubei Industrial Construction Group will inspect the smart town at the end of this month]

In order to further promote the INT smart site project, and fulfil the industrial layout needs of high-tech projects, the INT team assisted in arranging a series of project inspections. At the end of this month, the leaders from Hubei Industrial Construction Group will inspect the smart town, and the initial communication of the Dangyang project is also underway.

[Continuous cooperation with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang]

After signing the contract of smart information management system establishment project with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang, INT has finalized the technical implementation rules. At present, all relevant technical equipment has been fully installed, and the debugging of related technical program has also started.

[Promoting the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

At the beginning of October, INT participated in the bidding of the smart electronic control system in classroom of a primary school in Quzhou, submitted the bidding documents and proposed various feasible technical solutions for the project. After an in-depth communication, the project party recognized it and showed a strong interest in INT technology. At present, the bidding selection process is in progress, and the INT technical team continues to communicate with the project party on the implementation rules while waiting for the bidding results.

[Promoting the sales of blockchain router with Zhejiang Telecom]

With the approaching of Double 11 Shopping Festival, router, as the first hardware product of INT and Zhejiang Telecom, will be unveiled for the first time. It is expected that pre-sale of the product will begin on Nov 11. INT will continue to follow up related production and publicity work of the product.

[Continue the cooperation with a prison in Lishui, Zhejiang]

At present, all relevant technical equipment of the project has been put into operation and are being installed and debugged. The testing of equipment operation will then start. INT will adjust the technical implementation plan in regard to the actual test operation, and solve the technical problems.

III. Activities and Operations

Current Progress

[INT listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex]

As a technical ecological project to promote the integration of blockchain and Internet of Things, INT has always focused on technology and made efforts on research and development in order to build a new IoT ecosystem, and promote the applications. Because of this, we have also received extensive support from a wide range of technology enthusiasts. On October 31st, Ethfinex officially announced that INT won first place in round 12 of Ethfinex Community Listing Vote. On November 1st, INT was successfully listed on Bitfinex ( and Ethfinex (, against ETH and USD.

[Listed on New Exchanges — INT New Listing Contest]

To celebrate INT’s new listing on both Bitfinex and Ethfinex as well as to thank fans for support, INT launched a new listing contest domestically and globally. Just follow INT’s tweeter and retweet our post with a comment, there is 100% opportunity to win INT. The contest has attracted a number of participants and is highly acclaimed after the launch. The contest will end at 21:30 GMT+8 on Nov 2. Participants are advised to submit participation information as soon as possible.

[The announcement of INT Gaia Article Competition Winners]

INT Gaia Article Competition has come to an end. We received more than 50 articles from all around the world. The INT review team screened the content from multiple dimensions such as theme, insights, expression, community feedback and relevancy to project. Finally we selected all 20 winning entries and announced them on Nov 1.
We will contact the winners and issue the awards in the following days. Thank the INT global community for the positive response and enthusiastic participation. Welcome more INT fans to jointly build a new blockchain IoT ecosystem.

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