Bi-Weekly Report Updated (11.05-11.16)
2018-11-16 17:42
Bi-Weekly Report Updated(11.05-11.16): R&D progress, Q&A collection, business cooperation, activities operations, community update.


Current Progress

1. Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

  • By the end of last week, preparation work related to test net V3.0 has been basically completed. The R&D team is currently rushing to the final test mission. (85%)
  • The testing of adding rpc interface in the main chain is still in progress. At present, the related functions of the intjs corresponding to the middleware have been completed. The implementation form and parameter return of the rpc interface will be examined and debugged for a second round based on the optimization of the previous round. (85%)
  • At the beginning of November, preliminary improvements have been made in the improvement of the main chain compression performance. For the problems and performance fluctuations caused by the extreme cases, the R&D team will troubleshoot and improve one by one. Conducted one by one investigation and improvement, the synchronous pressure testing is also being conducted. (75%)
  • A second round of testing the full-node wallet has launched. During the testing developers have identified and resolved several bugs. At present, the full-node wallet MAC version is almost completed, and the relevant debugging work of the Windows version is progressing in an orderly manner. (80%)
  • Concerning the destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces, adjustments and trial operation is continuing, developers have discovered several bugs and are fixing them. (70%)
  • Regarding the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain, the technical team conducted an in-depth discussion on the resolution of some core code issues. At present, the solution has been determined. The next step will be to focus on solving these core problems. The overall optimization work is also progressing simultaneously. (70%)
  • For the problems found in the transaction pool testing process, the R&D team improved the related functions. Considering the security and convenience of the actual operation, the team decided to add the initial network nodes and quickly fixed some bugs, which improved the performance and pressure resistance of the main chain. (100%)
  • The preparation work of main chain security audit has been fully launched and steadily advanced. The team will continue to follow up and pay attention to the problems occurred in the security audit and immediately solve. (60%)

2. INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement

  • The testing of the full-node wallet of the web version has begun, the developers have discovered and fixed several bugs.
  • The new explorer ( has entered the final round of testing, during which the R&D team added pending transaction records and completed the deep optimization of the explorer homepage performance.

Next Step Plan

  • Continue the work related to the launch of test net V3.0 and solve new problems during the testing.
  • Continue to optimize the implementation form and parameter return of the rpc interface, and improve the middleware intjs related functions.
  • Continue to improve the performance of the main chain, and fix the bugs during the pressure testing.
  • Follow up the adaptation of the Windows version of the full-node wallet, and fix some bugs generated during debugging.
  • Continue to conduct destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces and fix bugs.
  • Continue to optimize the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain.
  • Continue the related work on the main chain security audit.
  • Continue to test the wallet of web version, and fix bugs.
  • Continue to perform performance optimization and overall testing of the new blockchain explorer ( home page.


Current Progress

1. Pre-sale of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router on China Double-Eleven Shopping Festival

  • The second round of operation test on the IOS version of APP has been successfully passed, and relevant product description materials have been finalized. INT Esurfing Blockchain Router pre-sale was officially launched on China Double-Eleven Shopping Festival. More than 400 units had been ordered in just 20 minutes after 00:00 on the first day of pre-sale. At present, the pre-sale is still ongoing, and the operation team is stepping up negotiations with the distributor’s general agent and sub-agents on the sales plan.

2. Leaders from Hubei Industrial Construction Group inspect the smart town

  • The first pilot project of the smart site cooperated by INT and Hubei Industrial Construction Group has been completed with the joint efforts of both teams and was successful to be accepted. In order to further promote the deep cooperation between the two parties in INT smart site project and the actual implementation of blockchain technology in the field of Internet of Things, the INT team is continuously optimizing and strengthening the integration of the two parties in aspects of technical cooperation. Recently, the leaders of the Hubei Industrial Construction Group are conducting in-depth inspections in the smart town and having related technical discussions with the INT team. In addition, after the previous round of negotiations, both parties have reached a preliminary agreement on the technical feasibility of the Dangyang project. Next, in-depth consultation on the details of the technical plan will be carried out.

3. Equipment installation testing for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang

  • At the beginning of November, INT team and the prison in Lishui, Zhejiang finalized the technical implementation rules. Relevant smart information management equipment has also been installed. In the actual process of equipment commissioning, technicians have found a number of problems and proposed corresponding solutions. At present, the technical staff of both sides are discussing and analyzing the problems in the field. In the next step, the actual commissioning will be fully carried out, and the operation test of the equipment will be promoted simultaneously.

4. Advancing the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang

  • Last week, INT participated in the bidding of the smart electronic control system in classroom of a primary school in Quzhou, submitted the bidding documents and proposed various feasible technical solutions for the project. In the process of further communication between the two parties, the school put forward some adjustment requirements according to the actual teaching scene and system controllability. In response to the fine-tuning of the project framework, the INT team carried out technical research and discussion, proposed technical solutions for the new framework adjustment, and quickly submitted additional solutions. Currently, the INT technical team is conducting in-depth communication with the school on the technical implementation of the additional solutions.

Next Step Plan

1. Continue to promote the sales of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router

  • INT Esurfing Blockchain Router jointly developed by INT and Zhejiang Telecom realized the sales figures breakthrough in the pre-sale on the Double-Eleven Shopping Festival, and the pre-sale will continue until December 12. At present, the production plan has been basically finalized, and the specific quantity of production and delivery plan will be closely adjusted based on the pre-sale status. INT team is launching a comprehensive sales promotion and channel layout, and having the communications with all levels of agents online and offline.

2. Improving the bidding documents for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang

  • Regarding the changes in the technical framework of the smart electronic control system in classroom of a primary school in Quzhou, the INT team is actively conducting an in-depth discussion on the technical implementation and supplementing the technical proposals for the campaign bids according to the actual factors proposed by the school. At present, more detailed communication on the technology technical implementation is in progress, and the team will continue to follow up the project and the results of the bidding.


Current Progress

1. INT Esurfing Blockchain Routers Pre-sale on Nov, 11th

INT and Zhejiang Telecom jointly started the pre-sale of the Esurfing Blockchain Router on Taobao online store on 11th November, also known as “Double Eleven”, the biggest online shopping day of the year in China. As the first attempt of INT’s applications, the Router combines blockchain and CDN technology, which not only has a cutting-edge architecture, software management functions, but also can obtain benefits by sharing idle bandwidth and storage. INT’s Esurfing Blockchain Router has been attracting broader attention around the world since news of pre-sale was released. Only 20 minutes after 0:00 on “Double Eleven”, over 400 units were ordered online. In addition, the pre-sale has also received support and aroused much attention from many blockchain media platforms such as Cointime, Bishijie. At present, pre-sale continues and INT welcome fans to share the activity with more technology enthusiasts.


Next Step Plan

1. INT is invited to attend the 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit

On November 19–20, 2018, the 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit, hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal Government and organized by the Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, the Municipal Finance, the Xiaoshan District Municipal Government, and the Hangzhou Daily Press Group (Zhejiang Huamei Holding), will be held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The event is the first and the only blockchain conference hosted by Hangzhou government. The government hopes to build a highland for Hangzhou blockchain innovation, use cases and talents, create new application scenarios and new application models, making efforts to consolidate the status of Hangzhou blockchain capital.
As a high-quality project in the blockchain Internet of Things field, INT received the invitation from the organizing committee. At that time, INT representatives will discuss the future of the “blockchain+” industry that helps the economic development of the blockchain industry with guests from the government, business and academic fields.

2. INT will attend the 2018 China Blockchain Conference

The 2018 China Blockchain Conference, hosted by China Computer Federation, and jointly organized by CCF TCBC, Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City (Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park) Management Committee, Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center and other institutions, will be held in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City on November 23–25 2018. As the most authoritative blockchain conference in China, the 2018 China Blockchain Conference will invite top-level blockchain experts from universities, industry, financial institutions and governments to jointly conduct an in-depth discussion on the new theories, new technologies and new achievements in the field of blockchain to promote the development and application of blockchain technology.


INT is invited to attend the Conference as an innovative project in the blockchain field. INT representatives will listen to the latest ideas and innovative ideas from industry authorities. Meanwhile, INT team will also share technical experience and latest opinions with representatives from various fields. We will bring you a detailed report on the next bi-weekly report, please stay tuned.

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