Bi-Weekly Report Updated (11.19-11.30)
2018-11-30 17:07
Bi-Weekly Report Updated(11.19-11.30): R&D progress, Q&A collection, business cooperation, activities operations, community update.


I. R&D Progress

Current Progress

[Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain]

  1. 1. The preparation work related to the release of testnet V3.0 has been completed, and the R&D team has started the final testing. In the past two weeks, the team has discovered and fixed several issues of block synchronization interruption in complex network environments. (90%)
  2. 2. The security audit work on the main chain is still in the normal progress. The main bugs discovered have been fixed. In the next step, the project team is ready to launch a bounty plan for the community to bring together more project technology enthusiasts and experts and work together to complete a safe and reliable main chain.
  3. 3. The improvement of the performance of the main chain is continuing. Last week, the team completed the first 7-day concentrated stress test. The testing indicates that the performance and stability are both performed well, and some problems were found and solved.
  4. 4. In the second round of testing on the full-node wallet in the past two weeks, the technical team added several menu bars. As of last week, the adaptation work of the Windows version has been basically completed, the second round of test lines will be complete.
  5. 5. Concerning the destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces, the technical staff fixed several bugs caused by the abnormal parameter input and the irregular format of the post request, which increased the robustness of the node, and the more detailed testing is necessary.
  6. 6. Due to the deep adjustment and improvement of the core codes, the speed of optimizing the memory footprint release problem needs to be slowed down to ensure the stable operation of the main chain and the accuracy of code modification. The team is continually optimizing the issue that there is a lot of storage space taken up.

[INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement]

  1. 1. The second-stage testing of the full-node wallet is continuing and the discovered bugs have been fixed. In the next stage, the team plans to add the Chinese version of the web wallet and has started the preparation.
  2. 2. During the new round of testing, the team added the pending transaction record and completed the deep optimization of the performance of the browser home page. Now, the team completed the modification of the thearchy node registration transaction data structure and continued optimizing the performance of the home page.

Next Step Plan

  1. 1. Continue the work related to the launch of test net V3.0.
  2. 2. Continue the security audit of the main chain, determine the specific content of the bounty plan and launch the bounty.
  3. 3. Continue to improve the performance of the main chain and conduct stress test.
  4. 4. Continue the testing on the full-node wallet.
  5. 5. Continue to conduct destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces, fix bugs and conduct the next round of testing.
  6. 6. Continue to optimize the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain.
  7. 7. Continue to test and optimize the wallet and explorer.

II. Business Cooperation

Current Progress

[Promotion of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router Project]

On China Double-Eleven Shopping Festival, INT Esurfing Blockchain Router jointly developed by INT and Zhejiang Telecom officially launched online pre-sale. Through the first mover online channel, Chinese online fans are fortunate to be the first group to get this product. Offline sales will be launched through Zhejiang Telecom channels once the product is delivered. The INT team is further negotiating with agents to push the sale of the router in all possible channels. Hardware testing of product samples were completed successfully in the early phase of hardware R&D. The first 2000 orders of the router, 1000 of which were pre-ordered by Zhejiang Telecom for offline sales, is currently in production.

[Determination of Hubei Industrial Construction Group Dongxi Lake Project]

At the beginning of this month, the leaders from Hubei Industrial Construction Group conducted an in-depth inspection in the smart town and achieved satisfactory results. Afterwards, the HICC clearly stated that they will continue to cooperate with INT team on the application of blockchain technology and scenarios. Therefore, following the preliminary consensus reached on the technical feasibility and implementation ability of the Dangyang project, the technical negotiation are making good progress. At the same time, the Dongxi Lake project has been successfully determined by HICC and INT team after a rapid communication and negotiation. Up to now, the two parties have completed the signing of the agreement, while the project payment process and billing procedures are in progress.

[Equipment installation testing for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang]

After relevant smart information management equipment has been installed at the beginning of the month, the equipment commissioning is still ongoing. Last time, the technicians found some problems in the actual process of equipment commissioning, and the corresponding solution currently has been implemented. The project party raised the question to scene switching in the operation of the equipment system, which require addition of technical parameters on the operating environment. The technical team is currently adjusting and improving this issure. In addition, device online testing is also advancing simultaneously.

[Preparing the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

In response to the requirement of teaching scene and system controllability proposed by the school, INT team submitted the complete technical analysis data and counter measures report. In addition, the project party also indicated that the technical direction given by INT is inspiring to the new smart engineering project which the school currently is preparing, and it also has practical reference significance. The overall planning of this new project of the school has basically completed. It is expected that the online tendering will be carried out in early December, and INT will also be invited as a key technology supplier to participate in the project bidding.

Next Step Plan

[Sales and technical support of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router]

As mentioned above, the production of the first batch of routers has been started, the offline channels have been initially completed, and the related software joint testing is also underway. In addition, our first version of Esurfing Blockchain Smart Terminal official website has also been online, you can visit by the link( After receiving the product, users can get support for APP download, software function update, and content help through this website. The INT technical team will also follow up on the actual usage feedback and upgrade the product in real time.

[Preparing for the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

In response to the tender for new projects to be launched by the school in early December, INT has received invitations to bid as key project partners. At present, the technical team has conducted in-depth communication with the school on the project planning and framework requirements. Combined with the technical communication results of the previous project, the technical team is working on designing the project technology and application plan, and launching the writing and submission of the tender after the bidding begins.

III. Activities and Operations

Current Progress

[INT was invited to attend the 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit]

On November 19–20, 2018, the 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit, hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal Government and organized by the Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, the Municipal Finance, the Xiaoshan District Municipal Government, and the Hangzhou Daily Press Group (Zhejiang Huamei Holding), was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The event is the first and the only blockchain conference hosted by Hangzhou government. The government hopes to build a highland for Hangzhou blockchain innovation, use cases and talents, create new application scenarios and new application models, making efforts to consolidate the status of Hangzhou blockchain capital.

As a high-quality project in the blockchain Internet of Things field, INT received the invitation from the organizing committee and attended the summit for two days. During the event, INT representatives enjoyed wonderful speeches and trend sharing from many honored guests of government, business and academic fields. INT also shared technical ideas and practicable solutions with many present blockchain experts and enthusiasts.

[INT attended the 2018 China Blockchain Conference]

The 2018 China Blockchain Conference, hosted by China Computer Federation, and jointly organized by CCF TCBC, Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City (Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park) Management Committee, Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center and other institutions, was held in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City on November 23–25 2018. INT, as an excellent blockchain project, was invited to attend the conference which gathers top-level blockchain experts from universities, relevant industry leaders, blockchain technology experts and institutional investment representatives, jointly conducting an in-depth discussion on the new theories, new technologies and new achievements in the field.

[INT Thanksgiving giveaway has been successfully concluded]

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, in order to thank global fans for support, INT held a game activity (domestic) and giveaway(overseas). The contest has attracted a number of participants and is highly acclaimed after the launch.. At present, the event rewards have been fully issued. In the meantime, INT thanked the most active people on the official Twitter and Telegram (admins excluded) channel respectively and sent them a Thanksgiving gift.

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