Bi-Weekly Report Updated (12.03-12.14)
2018-12-14 18:02
Bi-Weekly Report Updated(12.03-12.14): R&D progress, Q&A collection, business cooperation, activities operations, community update.


I. R&D Progress

Current Progress

[Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain]

  1. The R&D team found and solved the problem of block synchronization interruption in several complex network environments. The relevant test work has been completed. In addition, preparations for testnet release, including network programs, full-node wallet, explorer, Web wallets, etc., are ready as well as the corresponding server nodes.(100%)
  2. For the main chain security audit, the technical team has completed the fixing of related bugs. INT Chain has joined the SlowMist Zone to start security audit, and launched a bounty programme for the technical community, inviting more technical enthusiasts to join the security review of the main chain. The R&D team is following up the problems in the main chain security audit.(70%)
  3. Regarding the main chain performance, after the last round of stress testing, the R&D team optimized the process of tx and block broadcasting, which greatly improved the performance of the main chain.(85%)
  4. Concerning the destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces, the technical team solved the special decimal input problem and added format verifications for the transaction data.(85%)
  5. After the R&D team made in-depth adjustments and improvements to the core codes, the main memory release has been greatly improved. The technical staff have made planned cutting and cleaning up on the problem that the log occupies too much disk, and next will gradually remove some unnecessary development logs.(80%)
  6. The second round of testing work related to the full-node wallet is coming to an end, and the relevant adaptation debugging work for the windows version has been basically completed. Last week, the INT team solved the problem of the full node wallet block data and user data storage directory, and the related testing work is ongoing.(90%)
  7. Last week, the technical team improved the main chain consensus mechanism and the main chain punishment mechanism and fixed the bugs generated in the two-transaction verification.(100%)

[ INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement]

  1. The R&D team has completed the development of Chinese version of Web wallet and solved several issues related to the user experience and well prepared for the Web full-node wallet version.
  2. The new explorer testing and optimization is ongoing. This week, some problems related to user experience and data display are solved.

Next Step Plan

  1. Follow up and solve the problems submitted in the bounty programme.
  2. Continue to improve the performance of the main chain and solve the problems in the stressing test.
  3. Continue to conduct destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces and fix bugs.
  4. Continue to optimize the partial memory footprint release problem of the main chain and reduce the disk space that is used by the log file.
  5. Continue to test Windows full-node wallet and fix possible bugs.
  6. Continue to test and improve the explorer.
  7. Continue to revamp INT’s official website.

II. Business Cooperation

Current Progress

[INT Esurfing Blockchain Router]

Up to now, INT Esurfing Blockchain Router developed with Zhejiang Telecom has completed system development and hardware testing, including router proofing, stability testing, development and two-round testing of IOS and Android APP, Web version and background system development, APP interface program function debugging, interface improvement and so on. All system functions of the router are running perfectly. In addition, the pre-sale of the Esurfing Blockchain Router launched in the Double-Eleven Shopping Festival also ended, and the first batch of pre-sale products are in production.

[Continue to promote Hubei Industrial Construction Group Dongxi Lake Project]

After the determination of Hubei Industrial Construction Group Dongxi Lake Project, most of the project payment process and invoicing procedures is underway already. The two parties are preparing preliminary project implementation plans and conducting in-depth discussions on the implementation rules. At the same time, the technical communication of the Dangyang project is further advanced. During the period, INT conducted an in-depth analysis of the difficulties in the actual application of the project and gave several feasible solutions from the technical level. The detailed communication between the two parties is in progress.

[Partial delivery of equipment for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang]

Since the technical personnel developed and implemented solutions in the process of equipment commissioning, the equipment installation and commissioning has made good progress, and the partial delivery of equipment has been completed. 60% of the project funds have been put in place. For the equipment system operation scenario switching problem proposed by the project side, the technical team has adjusted the relevant technical parameters, and the next test work is in progress.

[Promoting the bidding for a smart IoT project in a primary school in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

In response to the new smart engineering project under preparation by the school, it has been tendered online recently. The school has shown great interest in the technical realization ideas proposed by INT, and believes that this idea has both enlightening and practical significance for the new intelligent project. They also specially selected INT as a key technology supplier and invited INT to participate in the bidding. At present, the tenders submitted by INT are in the process of review. The two parties are further communicating in the technical ideas and implementation details.

Next Step Plan

[Continue to promote Hubei Industrial Construction Group Dongxi Lake Project]

In the past two weeks, INT signed a technical cooperation agreement with Hubei Industrial Construction Group. Next, the two parties will quickly promote the relevant procedures of the agreement, analyze and construct the technical realization framework of the project, and promote the smooth development of the project. In addition, for the practical difficulties in the Dangyang project, INT will strengthen technical communication with the project side, quickly develop low-cost and high-feasibility solutions, and discuss in detail the implementation ideas and methods.

[Promotion of equipment installation for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang]

Since the INT technical team developed the solution to the equipment commissioning problem, most of problems in equipment commissioning and installation have been solved. Partial equipment has been delivered. Next, INT will continue to solve other problems that still exist, and further optimize the equipment system operation scenario switching problem, and the related testing work will continue to advance.

Strategic investment

[INT obtain JICCapital strategic investment of million dollars]

INT Chain has been committed to the development of the blockchain IoT industry since the establishment, and actively promotes the application of the main chain in smart cities, smart terminals and other fields. In just over a year, INT has been highly recognized both inside and outside of the industry. The INT team is proud to receive recognition and support from JICCapital again.

INT has reached an agreement with JICC, and they will make a strategic investment of USD 1 million in INT Chain in the form of an OTC premium. We will transfer 50,000,000 Tokens to their new wallet address from INT’s wallet for third-party institutional investment and partner development (address: 0xabeb003ab3ad5cb7ce8071df9554070aa1bad74f), including 20,000,000 non-locked Tokens; 30,000,000 fixed locked Tokens. The lock period is 2 months.

JICCapital is a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that focuses on discovering and investing in the most advanced technology, with a most valuable blockchain and digital currency assets on a global scale. This new round of investment and deeper cooperation will undoubtedly provide stronger support for the development of INT Chain in the BoT field, and will accelerate the wider application of INT.

III. Activities and Operations

Current Progress

[INT Chain join the SlowMist Zone and release security-vulnerabilities and threat intelligence bounty programme]

On December 4th, INT Chain officially join the SlowMist Zone and release security-vulnerabilities and threat intelligence bounty programme, and serious vulnerability was awarded up to 700USDT. SlowMist Zone is a community that focuses on blockchain ecological security. Its team has ever served security capabilities for Google, Microsoft, W3C, Public Security, Tencent, Ali, Baidu, etc. Many of its achievements have been listed at the global hacking conferences such as Black Hat. Joining the programme, INT aims to build a safe and reliable main chain together with the technical talents from the world. The main business scope covers the consensus layer of INT main chain, network layer, local wallet, web wallet, private key management, serialization and security related to all RPC interfaces. For more details, please click on the INT Chain vulnerability bounty programme interface:

INT sincerely invite technology enthusiasts and blockchain industry followers to join INT Chain’s bounty programme to jointly test all relevant performances of INT Chain.

[INT Chain testnet launch on December 14]

With numerous days and nights of researching and developing, INT team had been continuously optimizing and upgrading the main chain, completed the core design such as P2P network communication protocol, the consensus algorithm and smart contract. Today INT Chain testnet is officially launched as well as the INT explorer and wallet. We hope that the INT community will actively participate in experiencing and testing the testnet, explorer and wallet and contribute valuable optimization suggestions to help perfect the mainnet and make it live together with us.

At present, the underlying mainet is almost complete. After the implementation of recommendations provided by the community and the fixing of possible bugs, the INT mainnet will be officially launched and is expected to be live in mid-to-late January 2019. A truly open, efficient, open source and the most applicable network to the Internet of Things is coming. Next, we will release a revamped version of INT Chain’s official website, promotional video and node plan. Please stay tuned.

[Pre-sale of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router ended]

After rounds of promotion for the INT Esurfing Blockchain Router, the pre-sale was completed on December 12th. This pre-sale has aroused the attention and discussion of many technology enthusiasts. Majority of INT fans had a heated discussion and consultation on the technology and application of the Router. The sales of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router is as expected. The first batch of 2000 routers are in production, and once completed, it will be delivered to the consumers immediately. At the same time, INT is also looking forward to more technical communication with technology enthusiasts and supporters on the Router.

Next Step Plan

[Christmas and new year community activities]

INT will hold some community activities related to the upcoming Christmas, New Year’s Day and INT Chain testnet launch. Welcome the active participation of investors and supporters. We hope INT will be recognized by more people and build a genuine IoT ecosystem together.

[INT will be invited to participate in the Block Club Global Blockchain Industry Application Alliance Forum · Hangzhou]

On December 17, 2018, the BlockClub Global Blockchain Industry Application Alliance Forum, jointly hosted by the Block360 and Jiran Blockchain Research Institute will be held in the Mushutang Originality Park in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. The theme of this forum is “Useful information accompanying you in the winter”, aiming to create strategic cooperation between popular blockchain projects and top-level investors and jointly explore and study the development direction and future applications trend and accelerating the advancement and applications of blockchain technology.

As a high-quality technology project in blockchain IoT field, INT received the invitation from the organizers. The team representatives will attend the event and conduct in-depth discussions with the blockchain industry experts, head investors, investment institutions and technology enthusiasts in the event. More details will be included in the next bi-weekly report. Please stay tuned.

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