Yin Xiangyu: Creating INT Ecology is the Top Priority
2018-06-27 14:21
    On June 24, 2018, Yin Xiangyu, head of INT China, and Chen Feier, Chief Business Officer, were invited to attend the Global Blockchain Summit inPhilippines and Inaugural Blockchain Application Exhinitionheld at the Marriott International Exhibition Center in Pasay City, Manila. 

    The conference brought together more than 200 international political leaders and scholars, including the secretary of Philippines President Office, 300 employees in the blockchain industry, 5000 industry elites, and more than 1,000 high quality blockchain projectsincluding INT. Around 1000 medias reported this summit. All the participants/guests discussed the application of blockchain technology and explore the application value in the blockchain, and to promote the blockchain technology to be successfully launched globally. The strong lineup of this summit is a milestone in the new era of blockchain application cooperation.

【Building the INT ecosystem is the top priority】
    Yin Xiangyu discussed the future blockchain applications and the planning of industry together with industry experts and investors. He said that the entire industry not only lackstop-levelapplications, but alsothe awareness of constructing the industry ecosystem. Creatingan ecological environment system is the primary task of an industry and a project development. INT is China's first IoT and blockchain project. It aims to solve the problem of value transfer in the broken and fragmented IoT market and build a brand new distributed, open, and efficient IoT blockchain infrastructure platform. The viewpoint of publishing its ecological platform was unanimously recognized by the guests in the summit.



    At the same time, Yin Xiangyu emphasized that INT is actively constructing the entire ecosystem, integrating upstream and downstream enterprises and scientific research institutions of IoT to buildan open hardware platform, meanwhile, apply INT in many fields such as IoT big data, IoT supply chain, and financial intelligent manufacturing. Only actively promote the INT ecological construction, and let the IoT interoperate, achieve technology sharing, information sharing can make future development of INT better and faster.

【Yin Xiangyu accepts Philippine national television interview】

    After the summit, Yin Xiangyu also expressed INT is a transparent and open system in the interview with many national medias such as the Philippine National Television. He hoped that the development of the IoTcould promote without uniform standards, and form an effective distributed market though driving standards interconnected by economy. INT has always payed attention tothe development of the Southeast Asian blockchain market and will accelerate the layout in Southeast Asia. This debut in the Manila Global Industry Summit also laid the foundation for accelerating INT development in Southeast Asia.


Yin Xiangyu, Head of INT China, interviewed by medias

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