Blockchain Meeting in France — INT Continues Global Journey
2018-07-24 14:24


France is the second largest economy in EU and has always been at the forefront of the international arena in science and technology. It is well known that the blockchain has gained the global popularity currently, likewise blockchain application and technology is paid much attention by French government and large enterprises in France.

On July 20th, 2018, Yin Xiangyu, head of INT China, and Chen Feier, Chief Business Officer, were invited to attend the China-Europe blockchain meeting in France. The meeting was hosted by imlink, a blockchain consulting company based in France. Imlink hopes to introduce Chinese high value blockchain project to France. To that end, the company invited Chinese projects including INT, SEC and ELA and European community such as Blockchain Assets and Crytp’s Cool. During the meeting, Mr. Yin gave a speech on the theme of “Exploration of INT under the development of blockchain”, which was highly praised by the audiences.

(Site of China-Europe blockchain meeting)

The Blockchain + IoT is explosive

The development of Internet in China is never inferior to any country in the world, even at the forefront, such as Alipay, Mobike, etc., which are the popular tools in the public life. Taking advantage of the IoT, China has successfully achieved a cashless lifestyle. People can handle everything with the mobile phone.

With the deepening integration of the Internet and the IoT, Mr. Yin believes that the IoT will soon be the focus of global attention in explosive market. This is also due to his keen instinct which accumulated in the industry for 15 years. Mr. Yin has successfully operated e-commerce, online travel and big data websites since participating in research and development projects such as wearable testers and smart homes in 2003. The rich experience of the IoT and Internet serial entrepreneur enabled him to quickly find the foothold of the blockchain in the lead. In 2016, the idea of Internet Node Token was came up, building a platform that realizes the finality of data between H2 and M2M through the blockchain and also can keep track of accounting and automatic transaction based on smart contract while protecting privacy of user. This year, the blockchain and IoT integration grab peoples’ attention.

Blockchain is a game of building blocks

From the quiet rise of Bitcoin in 2013 to the revelation of Ethereum, Mr Yin realizes that the blockchain industry seems to be the next battleground for the Internet giant. The core of every battle is the underlying technology and staffing, which is a knowing game rule for all capital players. The deployment of each link likes building blocks and waits for the final comprehensive test of the market.

Mr Yin delivered the speech

INT believes that the mainstream DAG technology in IoT is not suitable for large-scale applications, so it adopts the principle of use-case driven principle and the engineering route to solve the problems of the IoT practical application, upgrades the technology to INT doubel chain architecture. This architecture bases on the consensus of DPoS and dBFT to achieve the scalability of the main chain in the actual scene. In several verticals, IoT has multiple pain points for different needs of the blockchain and pain points can be solved by INT chain’s calculation and recording separation.

Mr Yin also introduced INT team members mainly from well-known companies and organizations such as Huawei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Google, and Microsoft. Besides, INT has also make substantial progress with its partners, such as the smart home gateway project with China Telecom, the smart prison project with ZTE. Companies such as Microsoft and Ant Financial has noticed the application cases of INT chain in IoT. These cases have been discovered by the Microsoft incubator. At the end of the speech, many audiences had great curiosity and interest in INT and had an in-depth communication with Mr. Yin.

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