The "Thearchy Chain" is the core of the INT's entire architecture, which consists of servers provided by device manufacturers, community leaders and ecological enterprises (namely Thearchy Nodes). The basis for Thearchy Node generation is the INT consensus algorithm - DPoS+dBFT, which realize high TPS while ensuring the fairness of node election. INT Chain "Thearchy Node" will be generated by the community voting and there will be 13 Thearchy Nodes. The INT Foundation will officially launch the Thearchy Node election at the time of mainnet launch. By then 13 Thearchy Nodes will jointly build the INT Chain global ecosystem.
Node Plan Ecological Blueprint
Mainnet live phase
The number of Thearchy Nodes is 13 and the rest are candidate nodes. Top 100 nodes voted are eligible for incentives, called “reward node”. The Thearchy Node provides INT Chain with networking, storage, computing, etc. INT Chain encourages each Thearchy Node to build and develop their own communities and hopes that all the global community members with different backgrounds can jointly grow the whole INT Chain global ecosystem.
Node expansion phase
It could happen at least one year later. The specific time and number of nodes depend on the development of the community. The longer-term node expansion plan will be determined by the community in the future.
Node Plan Timeline
(Mainnet live phase)
Node Incentives
In order to better maintain INT Chain network, the INT team expects to spend 20 million INT per year as node rewards by 2023. The reward will be all paid out of the INT Chain Foundation's dedicated wallet.
The Thearchy Node will receive 30% of the rewards mentioned above
Whenever a block is generated, the Thearchy Node who is responsible for generating the block will receive the corresponding block reward. It is beneficial to motivate the node maintainer to continuously upgrade the device and improve the TPS in the whole network.
The Reward Node will receive 50% of the rewards according to the number of votes every time a block is generated
This rule is to solve the problem that the distribution rule is too single and improve the activity and stability of the entire network.
20% of the reward will be distributed to all voters
This is for encouraging the whole community to actively participate in the voting.
Remark: All the rewards will be issued within seven working days. Click here to learn node incentive details
After the success of block generation, Thearchy Node can obtain not only the rewards issued by the INT Chain Foundation and the block reward but also the transaction fee for the corresponding block which will be granted in real time.
Node Election Details
All registered nodes are considered as candidate nodes. Please check Annex for the Node Deployment Process. A block is generated every 10 seconds. The voting circles every 364 blocks successfully generated, approximately 1 hour. The top 100 candidate nodes will be recorded as reward nodes in real time every time a block generates, and the top 13 reward nodes will be the Thearchy Nodes in the voting cycle.
In the initial stage of mainnet launch, considering the security of the mainnet, the INT team will initiate the first 13 Genesis Thearchy Nodes and will provide 5,000,000 INT for voting for the 13 Genesis Nodes.
The Thearchy Nodes elected are responsible for block generation during the next round of voting as well as other related works such as transaction verification, bookkeeping, block packing and confirmation in the INT Chain. The Thearchy Nodes will receive the corresponding rewards and be supervised by the INT Chain global community.
Any individual or institution holding an INT can vote for candidate nodes during the election. One INT wallet can vote for up to 20 candidate nodes and inside the wallet, each INT=1 vote (can vote for up to 20 candidate nodes). Voters can cancel or change their votes at any time. The corresponding INT for voting will be locked and cannot be traded. Voters can cancel their votes at any time for trade.
The candidate nodes can come from industries include but are not limited to: Internet of Things, media, exchanges, capital, e-commerce, logistics, biomedical, network security, etc.
The influence factors of becoming a Thearchy Node include server configuration, network bandwidth, deployment status. There is no requirement for holdings of INT.
Node Penalty Mechanism
In order to ensure the stability of the network, we have determined the corresponding punishment mechanism. If a Thearchy Node did not generate any block during a consecutive 2184 blocks generation period, it would be automatically removed from the node list and disqualified from block generation in the current and next 24 rounds (about 24 hours). We will launch a temporary election after the current round of voting.
Thearchy Node Configuration Requirements
8 CORE, 2.0GHz or above
Bidirectional bandwidth exceeds 50Mbps,100Mbps is recommended.
Windows or Linux
Nodes Distribution Map
Internet Node Token

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